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Grub Stop Nematodes

Grub Stop Nematodes

Grub StopTM contains steinernema glaseri (sg) nematodes in a specially formulated vermiculite mix for enhanced performance. Grub Stop nematodes are ten times bigger than Hb nematodes, offering superior life span and stability. Nematodes attack soil pests by entering into body openings. After entering the target pest, the nematodes release a natural bacteria which kills the insect in 24 – 48 hours.The nematodes recycle inside the host and emerge in search of more larvae.

  • Can infect grubs starting at 10° C soil temperature, most infective from 12° – 30° C
  • Shows excellent results against large 3rd instar grubs
  • Long shelf life of up to 15 weeks, in special vermiculite mix (with no added polymers)
  • Extended treatment period compared to Hb, equals more control in the spring and fall seasons Apply when soil is between 10° – 37° C