Sustainable Lawn Care

For many years Nature’s Way has been working with Fertilizer manufacturers and suppliers to develop the best in Natural Lawn Care options, we have reached a new level, we can now offer you a full Natural Organic Liquid Fertilizer program.

The Sustainable Lawn Care programme

We have a liquid fish based fertilizer that is a 2.5-1-5 ( OMRI listed),  100% organic liquid blend for lush green turf and lawns. It contains concentrated organic matter and natural minerals that provides chemical free nutrients to turf and lawns. It has both quick and slow release nutrients for balanced continuous feeding to turf and lawns.  It is also non-leaching and stimulates microbial activity.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              We apply the 2.5-1-5 in the spring and early summer and then again in the fall.

In late summer we apply a Liquid Bio-fertilizer with Corn Gluten 1-0-0. This product is used to help bring the grass plant out of dormancy and also help increase the blade growth to grow out leaf damage and provide a quick green up
Protein powered nutrients provide a sprayable plant based method to fertilize and help thicken lawns to keep out weeds
Processed from Canadian corn, it is a by-product of starch production, a renewable and environmentally conscious resource.

An optional application in May is  liquid Corn Gluten to help prevent weed seed germination.

We even have a do-it-yourself  kit for the Sustainable Lawn – Just apply the liquid from the container after you simply connect a garden hose.