Natural Stone

Natural stone is used in walkway’s and retaining / garden walls.



As a paving material for walkway’s flagstone gives the old fashioned look that so many people crave.


Limestone flagstone walkwayHowe Island Limestone Flagstone Walkway

100_0329Howe Island Chocolate Limestone Flagstone Patio

The natural look of flagstone can not be beaten as a pathway or patio. Dry laid flagstone can be used to complement most house styles and is a very hardy product. Flagstone walks and patio’s can be planted to allow for hardy flowers and moss to grow between the stones for a softer look.

There are several options for flagstone:- Limestone, Sandstone, Bluestone, Slate and Granite. These are available in rough, random finishes or square cut and sawn for a more formal look.



Natural wall stones add a certain beauty to any project and like flagstone can be planted to soften the look, Wall stones are used for Retaining Walls, Garden Walls, Steps and Waterfeatures




Chocolate limestone steps and flagstone Howe Island Chocolate Limestone Random Steps and Wallstone

Limestone garden wall  Limestone Garden Wall

Mocha Limestone flagstone used to create tree rings Limestone Tree Rings – Treasure Island

Behind the pond


Mocha Limestone walls and Mega Arbel pavers Mocha Limestone Retaining / Garden Wall

Mocha Limestone as a driveway border  Mocha Limestone Garden Wall

Stream and Waterfall



Natural wall stone is also available in many choices:- Limestone, Sandstone, Bluestone, Slate and Granite.
In turn these are also available in many styles, colours and sizes to fit all applications.