Natural Lawncare

Why Natural Fertilizers

Natural versus synthetic chemicals. Ever wonder what’s the difference?

Organic or natural practices emulate nature by building healthy nutrient-rich soils. Nature has powerful checks and balances that work to give you long-term bountiful results with minimal disease, insect and weed problems. It takes patience to go organic as nature does work slowly, but the results are always great.

Synthetic chemicals give you temporary control over your lawn and plants. Fertility is temporarily spiked up for a few weeks with synthetics but overall soil health and fertility declines year after year. Your lawn and turfgrass become chemically dependant, more susceptible to disease, insects and weeds, and soil compaction is inevitable. Of course you can still buy more synthetics to deal with these problems.

Building soil fertility can now be a lot easier. Independent Nurseries, garden centers and lawn maintenance companies are now carrying Natural Care’s all-purpose organic fertilizers made from a rich blend of alfalfa and other natural ingredients that are extremely effective. In fact, in recent tests in the US, Alfalfa natural fertilizer out performed the synthetic chemical fertilizer.

Summer Insects

A weak, unhealthy lawn is a prime target for insects. The first step in preventing insect damage is ensuring you keep your grass plants healthy, this includes watering and feeding the plants. It is possible to keep a healthy lawn free from insect damage, use high Endophyte grass seed to help repel Chinch bugs and other blade feeding insects. Root feeding insects can be controlled by the use of Beneficial Nematodes. Please feel free to contact us for further information