Landscape Lighting


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Enhance your property with the beauty of Landscape and Architectural Lighting. Add a motion detector and provide security to your property. Low-voltage landscape lighting was first introduced to the public in 1959. In those early years, countless stars of stage and screen, US Presidents and foreign dignitaries alike adorned their Hollywood homes, rose gardens and royal estates with none other than Nightscaping® brand lighting. The same is true today. Nightscaping® is the original manufacturer and inventor of low-voltage landscape lighting. Over the past 40 plus years, their pursuit to create new and better lighting technologies has not faltered.They continually strive to elevate standards of quality, safety, and professionalism in this industry.
Your concerns regarding home security, pride of accomplishment and ownership, property safety and more can all be addressed with Nightscaping® and other quality outdoor lighting. By investing in professional quality lighting you elevate the level of functional applications and personal satisfaction available to you from an outdoor lighting system.
There are strict safety standards in place to specifically regulate the low voltage landscape lighting industry. Nightscaping® and other products we use are designed and built to exceed these standards. Nightscaping® products and components are certified as safe operating by multiple nonprofit regulatory agencies. These certifications are all with regard to the absolute latest standard for safety in this industry, UL 1838. With Nightscaping® you are guaranteed to receive industry approved equipment and a safe operating lighting system that you will enjoy for years to come.
The quality of light produced by a quality low voltage system will always be sharper and cleaner than any high voltage alternative. It is guaranteed to dramatically enhance any outdoor scene. Low voltage lighting is more energy efficient than its high voltage counterparts. Therefore, operating costs for a low voltage system are minimal in comparison. Low voltage lighting allows for superior system control, all the way from selecting a specific light intensity and position of a single fixture to automating an entire system to correspond exactly with your personal schedule. Most simply put, the use of these quality systems offers you the safest, most efficient and versatile equipment available for landscape lighting applications.