September 2011 – the season has changed. It seems to be as soon as school begins in September that the mornings are warms and moist, the perfect conditions for grass growing, we also have to cut a little more frequently.

September is also the time that Grub and Chinch Bug damage becomes evident. Dead patches of grass that you thought was summer dormancy or sod lifted by the Skunks or Raccoons.

Rake, Topdress with Easy-Flo Compost or our new Earthworm Casting topdressing and seed with a quality grass seed that is high in Endophytes, the lawn will rebound quickly from both Grubs and Chinch Bugs and the Endophytes will keep future Bugs away. Nematodes applied to the lawn will deal with the Grubs and a safe and effective way.

We are now seeing the results from our new 6-3-1 Yeast based fertilizer, nice colour, very steady growth and a nice this lawn is starting to develop after summers damaging heat.

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